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Aufstellwinkel für Dibond
Table-top Stands for Dibond, Forex, Acrylic and...
All images mounted on Dibond, Forex, Acrylic etc up to the size of 40cm x 40cm can rest on these angles which thus transform into table-top stands. They are self-adhesive and can easily be affixed onto any backing material. The...
€1.88 *
Tischaufsteller für Standard Keilrahmen
Table Top Stand for Standard Stretched Canvas...
A high-quality, metal table-top stand for all standard stretched canvas frames. The stand is simply clamped between the canvas and the frame without damaging either. Beautifully crafted with no sharp edges. We recommend using a maximum...
€2.53 *
transparente Abstandhalter selbstklebend Detailansicht
Transparent Spacers for Dibond® and Plexiglas®...
In order to avoid laminated pictures from hanging diagonally on the wall, spacers are glued onto the bottom corners of the reverse side of the images. The spacers are self-adhesive and easy to apply. Size: 2.0cm wide / 0.7cm high Special...
€11.29 *
Klebeschild für Dibond, Forex, Alu, Acrylglas Bilder
Adhesive Signs for Flat Images
Our adhesive signs for flat images are a stylish and high quality solution for adding text or e.g. pricing to Dibond, Forex, Acrylic Glass and other images on hard mounts. The adhesive signs are simply stuck onto the back of the picture....
€3.16 *
Abstandhalter Schaumstoff für Dibond und Plexiglas-Bilder
Foam Spacer for Dibond® and Plexiglas® Pictures
The soft foam spacer for all Dibond, Acrylic Glass, Forex and other Panel Images. In order to avoid laminated images from hanging diagonally on the wall, spacers are affixed in the corners on the reverse side of the image. The spacers...
From €0.38 *
Spannzange in Profiqualität
Professional Collet (Clamping Jaw)
A particularly solid professional collet (clamping jaw), equipped with spacer spring for professional use. - cast metal - painted black - sanded head - exclusive design - metal bracket - special spring - jaw width 6.5cm
€25.24 *
Abstandhalter für Keilrahmen
4 Spacers for Stretched Canvas Images
These 4 spacers enable any canvas image to appear to be floating on the wall. Regardless of which stretched canvas frame you use, these spacers are universal and fit with all sizes. Simply fix with the supplied nails and the canvas image...
€4.55 *
Verbindungselemente aus Edelstahl
Fasteners, Brushed Metal
- fasteners - for multi-panel motifs on stretched canvas frames - including 4 screws per element - securely packaged in plastic - brushed aluminium or brushed stainless steel - outstanding quality - protective sticker on the front...
From €3.16 *
Justierbarer Wandaufhänger
Adjustable Hanger
This simple hanger enables you to successfully hang your picture with symmetry and precision. By turning the wheel you can attain up to 4mm height difference per disc, compensating for up to a total of 8mm difference between two screws....
From €0.64 *
Spannzange XXL
Collet (Clamping Jaw) XXL
Very wide and solid professional collet (clamping jaw). Equipped with a spacer spring for professional use. Particularly good for large and XXL stretched canvas frames. - Sanded head - Polyamid jaw - Very stable design - Light metal -...
€31.88 *
Varnish Applicator
This varnish applicator is an excellent way to gently and evenly apply our UV protective coating. We recommend applying two coats in order to obtain a particularly homogenous finish. In contrast to conventional systems, this varnish...
€17.64 *
Cuttermesser ECO
Craft Knife ECO
Canvasi Craft Knife - robust quality - secure, soft rubber grip - one blade included - standard blades can be used
€3.19 *
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